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So, first, the "big" news: Election Manager 2016 has been updated and is currently awaiting approval for the App Store and Mac App Store. We'd been waiting for the conventions to release an update since we didn't know who all of the candidates would be until then (specifically, who the vice presidential candidates would be). And so, since (as of Tuesday) the last candidate (the Green vice presidential candidate) was chosen (their convention was the last — it's taking place right now in Houston, in fact), it was time to release the update.

Setup Screen
new scenarios!

Anyway, a 2016 scenario was added, along with a bunch of hypothetical scenarios with various hypothetical candidates. Originally I'd only been planning to just add the one (i.e., Clinton and Trump plus optionally Johnson and Stein for three and four player games), but... Well, this year has been a lot more... Let's say "interesting" than the 2012 campaign was. Since the beginning I've put a lot of effort into trying to make the election results realistic, and I did that for the 2016 scenarios as well; I'm sure someone will accuse me of putting my thumb on the scales, but to be honest, these are just my best guesses as to the likely outcomes. And, to be frank, I don't think any campaign manager for... A certain candidate, let's say... Really has a lot to work with. We'll see if I was right, and there will be further adjustments after November, and, well, if you don't like it, nothing's keeping you from adjusting the parameters yourself — that's what they're for.

Also, I added some portrait options for the update. People'd actually been asking for the particular options I added, but... I think it was pretty likely that I would have been adding them anyway.

So, we'll see how long it takes to get things approved, but expect the updates soon.

In the meantime, work on Elexi continues apace (at this point it's largely translation work, music, and further efforts to clean up the non-English word lists). Right now we're down to "hurry up and wait" for the translation work to be finished so it can be tested, and so Elexi ought to be out soon, too.

Also, a bit of work on TSC2 as well, but that's pretty early work; I'll be diving a lot more into that from here on out.


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