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Doug's Lensflare Game Development Blog

These are Doug's bloggish thoughts on game development, specifically on the games he's writing for Lensflare, or on Lensflare-related topics more generally. Or whatever he wants to write here, really, but those are the sorts of things to expect. Doug has strong opinions (loosely held) about many things — he could claim that he doesn't speak for Lensflare Games, but that'd be silly considering that (for all practical purposes) he is Lensflare Games. Still (for what little it matters) he's not always wearing that hat here. And yes, this is an actual picture of Doug (okay, not really, but the story behind it is too long to go into right now).

This blog doesn't currently support comments (mainly because most of the people reading this are probably spammers and/or close friends and/or indulgent family members), so if you'd like to comment on anything here, send Doug a note via email or ping him on twitter. He's always happy to hear from people, especially when they want to talk about games.


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