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Here at Lensflare, we believe that games are never really finished, only released (once they're ready!) Though we're an indie games studio and our resources are relatively limited, we're always striving to improve our games, be it with new features or other improvements. We'd love to be perfect (we know we're not), but we are committed to releasing the highest quality games that we can.

So, if you ever have an issue with one of our games, or ever want to contact us privately about any of them for any reason, please feel free to send us a note at support@lensflare.com. We're happy to hear from you, no matter if you've found a bug (we'd really like to fix those!), want to tell us what you think of our games (good or bad), or just have questions.

You can also reach Douglas at @doubt72 on twitter. Alternately, visit our page on Facebook.

Known Issues

You can find the Elexi page here.

You can find the Election Manager 2016 page here.

You can find the Tactical Space Command page here.