Tactical Space Command Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ covers things about Tactical Space Command that don't involve gameplay; for gameplay questions, please refer to the online manual. Feel free to contact us if you have other questions not covered here.

Supported Platforms

What operating system versions are supported?

Macs that can run OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard or later; iPads that can run iOS 6 or later. Yes, this means we don't support the iPad 1, sorry. Unfortunately the iPad 1 isn't really powerful enough to support the game very well.

Is there any difference between the Mac and iPad versions of Tactical Space Command?

The only real difference between the iPad and Mac versions of TSC is the interface; the Mac version has a full mouse-based interface and the iPad has an interface optimized for touch (larger buttons, some slight layout differences, touch-and-hold for tooltips, etc.) The underlying game engine is the same, the scenarios available in each version of the game are also the same. Our intention is to keep both versions as similar as possible; any features added to one will be added to the other.

Will Tactical Space Command be available on any other platforms?

Probably not. Perhaps if there's a TSC2 someday.

Other Questions

Does Tactical Space Command have a multiplayer option?

No, TSC was designed as a single-player game from the very beginning and we have no plans to add any multiplayer support.