Election Manager 2016

Election Manager 2016 Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ covers things about Election Manager 2016 that don't involve gameplay; for gameplay questions, please refer to the online manual. Feel free to contact us if you have other questions not covered here.

Supported Platforms

What platforms are supported?

The game is available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

What operating system versions are supported?

Macs that can run OSX 10.7 Lion or later; iPads and iPhones that can run iOS 7 or later (i.e., the iPad 2 or later — including all versions of the iPad Mini — the iPhone 4 or later, and iPod Touch 5th Generation).

Can I play the iPad version on my iPhone and vice-versa?

The iOS version of Election Manager 2016 is universal, so can be played on either type of device with one purchase.

Is there any difference between the Mac and iPad (and iPhone) versions of Election Manager 2016?

The only real difference between the iPad, iPhone and Mac versions of Election Manager 2016 is the interface; the Mac version has a full mouse-based interface and the iPad has an interface optimized for touch (larger buttons, some slight layout differences, touch-and-hold for tooltips, etc.) The layout will be basically the same for the iPad and Mac versions, with some relatively minor differences. More extreme interface changes are required to allow the game to fit on the phone, however, but the underlying game engine and (for the most part) the high-level structure of the interface is the same. Our intention is to keep all platforms as similar as possible; any features added to one will be added to the others.

Will Election Manager 2016 be available on any other platforms?

No, there are no plans for any other platforms at this time.

Other Questions

Does Election Manager 2016 have a multiplayer option?

Yes, hotseat multiplayer is available.

Are there any plans to add primaries or to expand the debates?

Not at this time, no.