Election Manager 2016

Election Manager 2016 iOS Layouts

The iOS version of Election Manager 2016 is designed to fit on any supported iOS device, from the 3.5" iPhone 4 to a 9.7" iPad Air 2. It will take advantage of whatever resolution is available on each device natively. The iPhone and iPad versions use completely distinct layouts, but on the various models of the iPhone, more or less of the interface will fit depending on the device resolutions. To give you an idea of how that looks, compare the same interface (the election map) across device display sizes in the following screenshots:

4: 5: 6: 6+: iPad:

You can also compare layouts all at once in the following diagram:

So, other than squeezing in more of the interface (and requiring less scrolling to access it), there isn't any real difference between the game's layout on iPhone 4's 3.5" screen and the 5.5" screen of the iPhone 6.