Previous Versions

This is a list of the new features/bug fixes from previous versions of Tactical Space Command.


  • Fix for problem with dialog; occasionally confirmation is ignored twice on startup.
  • Fix for related issue with text dialogs; occasionally text won't display first two times on startup.
  • Fix for duplicate planet names; user scenarios that use randomized planet names will sometimes produce duplicate names (more likely as planet count goes up). This will corrupt save files from games running those scenarios when that happens.
  • Added feature to display which scenarios have been completed/won.


  • Minor interface tweaks and improvements.


This was a major release of TSC. It included:

  • New scenarios.
  • New scenario editor, as well as ability to share user scenarios.
  • Numerous interface improvements.
  • AI improvements.
  • Minor gameplay tweaks and bug fixes.


  • [iPad only] minor text display/layout improvements for iOS 6.
  • Fixed bug where after a game is loaded/saved, adding a waypoint to certain types of orders will cause the game to crash.
  • Minor improvements to help and tips, as well as some typo fixes.


  • [iPad only] Added option to use triple-tap to zoom out instead of recenter (in which case quadruple-tap recenters)
  • [iPad only] Add support for two-finger double-tap for zooming out, three-finger double-tap for recenter (it doesn't really work as well as hoped, though).
  • [Mac only] ability to add waypoints with shift-right-click.
  • Numerous minor layout/text/interface tweaks, updated tips, etc.
  • Improved tutorial and help based on additional feedback from new users.
  • Some changes to the way invasions work (i.e., changes the way industry is damaged during invasions), minor balance tweaks, etc.
  • Added a gamma control.
  • Added a screen with all the help text/tips in one place for easy access for those who want to see them.
  • Added event for when ships break off and return to spacedock for repairs.
  • Added two-letter prefix codes for class types; added option to show prefix codes with names globally
  • Added option to display classes on tactical map instead of names.
  • Fixed scenario selection screen to be more responsive (i.e., show that it's generating the new scenario instead of just hanging there like it does now).


  • [iPad only] fixed sound so that you can listen to your podcasts while playing if your sound is off (that one was for ourselves).
  • [iPad only] slight layout changes for officer/ship screens to make better use of space.
  • [Mac only] docked ships no longer have order menu displayed (since they couldn't be given orders while docked).
  • Redesigned tactical screen multi-selection dialog to use columns instead of going off screen (mostly useful in iPad version due to imprecision of touch selection).
  • Added ability to expand and collapse events on tactical screen.
  • Various minor fixes for changes in iOS 7 text rendering, icons at the new iOS 7 icon sizes, etc., as well as some very minor tweaks and fixes.

There are also fixes for the following bugs:

  • [iPad only] selecting a neutral (gray) asteroid when giving orders causes ships to move to the top left of the screen.
  • [Mac only] ctrl-left-click not interpreted as right click, unable to give orders.