Tactical Space Command

Organize ships into task forces. Give your ships and task forces orders. Promote and assign officers to command your ships, stations and task forces. Allocate production. Customize your research focus. Take that rock or die trying. Smash any planetary defenses that get in your way. Bring death and bitter defeat to all that oppose you.

(Tactical Space Command is only an abstract tactical space combat simulation. No lifeforms were harmed in the making of this game; all civilian and military casualties are merely simulated. Past performance does not guarantee total victory, offer void in partial vacuum. Do not break glass, there is no emergency.)

For Mac and iPad:

Praise for Tactical Space Command

"Tactical Space Command is all about substance... TSC is a uniquely complex game on iPad, one that is very rewarding." [4 out of 5 stars] — Kelsey Rinella, Pocket Tactics
"...everything I want is inside, in utterly daunting quantities." — Kelsey Rinella, Pocket Tactics
[Named one of Pocket Tactics' Games of the Month for September 2013 ]
"...deep, rich, and complex..." — Tom Slayton, MobileTechReview
"...almost overwhelming in terms of both depth and reward." — Matt Sainsbury, Digitally Downloaded
"...bietet das Spiel umfangreiches Strategie-Gameplay mit zahlreichen Möglichkeiten und einer großen Tiefe... Für wahre Strategiefans eine Perle" — iPlayApps.de

About the Game

Tactical Space Command (TSC) is an abstract space combat command simulation where you are in command of a fleet, delegating orders to the ships and task forces under your command and monitoring your fleet's progress via a combat Information system style interface.

TSC includes a variety of scenarios with different challenges for the player, but the basic goal of the game is to capture all enemy planets and asteroids while defending your own from attack. In the game, you can:

  • Organize ships into task forces and assign formations.
  • Give a wide range of orders to your task forces and independent ships.
  • Promote and assign officers to command your ships, stations and task forces (or let the computer handle that for you).
  • Allocate planetary production to build ships and defense stations.
  • Customize your research focus.
  • Capture enemy planets and asteroids while defending your own from enemy assault.
  • Interdict enemy shipping to cripple enemy production while protecting your own shipping from attack.
  • Customize event notifications to keep track of game events.
  • Create your own custom scenarios and share them with other players.

TSC takes full advantage of high resolution displays to deliver sharp vector graphics, and includes an option for an alternate color palette for red-green colorblind players. It also includes a tutorial, gameplay tips and help for every screen and selection to help ease beginning players into the game.

You can also see the FAQ and online manual.

Feel free to contact us if you have other questions.


A few screenshots of the Mac version of the game:

And from the iPad version of the game:


These are the TSC trailers (v1.2 with the new scenario editor and the original 1.0 release trailer).


This is a recording of a short game played in the Mac version of TSC; the iPad version is essentially similar. This playthrough is meant both as an additional tutorial for new players, as well as an introduction to the game for people who might be interested in playing it and want to see what the game is like:


This is an additional video introduction for the scenario editor, as well as a video that covers slightly more advanced interface topics: